We have been involved with the design and construction of certified passive houses for over five years. We have certified residential and commercial buildings both through the international governing body, Passive House International (PHI), and Passive House of the U.S. (PHIUS)

We also collaborate with builders and passive house specialists, such as Phoenix Haus, a contractor and builder of prefabricated passive house wall systems. Phoenix Haus is committed to bringing European building technology to the USA for clients seeking to build with the highest quality, most affordable prefab passive house components on the market.


SMall haus

The smallest offering in the bunch, the SMALL HAUS is the lowest cost, but still packs a great punch. With up to 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms available on this floor plan and design, your small haus will be an efficient package of space and performance.

Carport House Rendering_desaturate2.jpg

Medium haus

This modern 2-bedroom option provides an open concept plan and a large deck that becomes an extension of the living room


porch haus

With a covered connection to nature, as well as a mud room for dirty feet - the Porch Haus is a low energy use design offering a generous space for family and visitors. Take advantage of the outdoors by sitting in a covered space for morning sun and coffee.

south face

South orientation reduces the energy needed for winter time heating