WHAT IS passive House?

We have been involved with the design and construction of certified passive houses for over five years. We have certified residential and commercial buildings both through the international governing body, Passive House International (PHI), and Passive House of the U.S. (PHIUS). Please scroll down for a few introductory videos. 


Why a Hair Dryer Can Heat Your Passive House

Architect Morgan Law with SHAPE Architecture explains the design strategy for a Passive House, how the concept has evolved from its German roots to better fit American typical usage and why indoor air quality is one of its key selling points - apart from the obvious one that due to its tight envelope you could heat a Passive House using only a 1500 W hair dryer.



The Passive House is the world leading standard in energy-efficient construction: A Passive House requires as little as 10% of the energy used by typical buildings - meaning an energy savings of up to 90%.